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PT. Dharaya was founded in 2005
We have now evolved into a new way of thinking. To us, new thinking means challenging conventions and pushing boundaries. And new possibilities mean coming up with more forward-thinking ideas and solutions. But whatever we’re doing, our responsibilities to our customers are paramount.

With an experienced team and than complemented by our dedication to being the best. We offer services and products of excellent quality & solutions .

Committed to sustainable business growth and the optimised use of excellent human resources, we pursue our responsibilities in spirit and action.

PT Dharaya

PT. Dharaya was founded in 2005, focusing its business on Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Supply, targeting industrial, producer, developer, private or government markets.

Excellent of services and products is the key factor in serving our customers successfully. It helps in delivering personalized experience and gaining our customers loyalty and satisfaction.

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Jl. Rawasari Barat No No.E277, RT.6/RW.1, Cemp. Putih Tim., Kec. Cemp. Putih, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10510

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